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Ferry Arbatax - Genova

The ferry Arbatax – Genoa connects the center of Sardinia with the north of Italy, in a journey of approximately 17 hours of navigation carried out by the company Tirrenia. The route is active all summer with two weekly departures.

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How long does the ferry take Arbatax - Genova?

311.27 mi
Not Available

Shipping companies that operate on the route Arbatax - Genova

Port of Arbatax

The Port of Arbatax The port of Arbatax is located in the province of Tortolí, an area popularly known as the Sardinian coast. In addition, it is considered to be located at a key point for the Italian areas of Civitavecchia, Gen..

Port of Genova

The Port of Genoa Travel by ferry to Genoa, a city located in northern Italy on the Mediterranean coast. Birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Genoa is built around its port. The first image we will see of the city from any directio..

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