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Cheap Ferry Tickets Mallorca (Palma) Gandía

Ferry Palma Gandía

Best offers for Ferries from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia

If you are traveling to Valencia from the Balearic Islands, the ferry route from Mallorca to Gandia is one of the key routes to do so.

The boat route from Palma de Mallorca to Gandia has up to 7 weekly departures and has a duration of between 7 or 8 hours depending on the type of ferry. This route is operated by different shipping companies mainly Balearia and Trasmediterranea.

Currently this route is not being operated by ferries.

At Clickferry you can check prices and ferry routes from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia and make your ferry reservations today. On our website we offer very cheap prices, great discounts and offers so you can travel from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia.

Enjoy the most famous beaches of the Valencian Community in Gandia. Visit its monuments such as the Borja Ducal Palace, monasteries, the famous fish market, museums and delight your senses with its rich and peculiar gastronomy. A destination for the whole family to enjoy the culture and the beach.

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Ferry Price Mallorca (Palma) Gandia

The average cost of the ferry from Mallorca (Palma) Gandia is around 35 euros, price that may vary if it is low season.

You can book the ferry back to Mallorca (Palma) Mallorca using our booking engine to get the best price on the market on the ferry route from Gandia to Mallorca (Palma).

Ferry alternatives from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandía

There are alternative ferry routes from Mallorca (Palma) - Gandia, such as the ferry from Mallorca (Palma) to Valencia or the ferry Mallorca (Palma) to Denia, operated by different ferry companies.

You can also see here all available routes with ferry destination Gandia.

Ferry Timetable Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia

There are 7 ferry crossings weekly from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia making your journey easier. Enjoy your trip in comfort and safety by checking online schedules, prices and book your ticket in advance.

Popular ferry operators for the Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia ferry route

On our website we want to offer you all the information you need about routes, ships and ports so you can travel by ferry. The ferry companies that operate the ferry route from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia are Balearia and Armas Trasmediterranea.

As it is a demanded route, our recommendation is that you make your ferry booking from Mallorca to Valencia as far in advance as possible and you can secure your ticket and enjoy a good price on your trip.

Keep in mind that ferry schedules from Mallorca to Gandia may vary depending on the type of season and this information could change. We recommend that you consult our timetable search engine for the date of your trip and you can inform yourself with the updated schedules.

How long does the boat from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia take?

The duration of the ferry trip from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia is approximately 7 or 8 hours and we travel 246.78 km.

The time on board may vary depending on the weather that accompanies us during the crossing and the type of boat.

Where do I take the Ferry in Mallorca (Palma)?

The entrance to the port of Mallorca Palma is located in front of the historic center of the city of Mallorca, on the promenade. Click on this link to get to the port

You can access the port of Mallorca (Palma) arriving to the old part of the city, because just in front of the port.

There are four distinct areas that make up the port of Mallorca: on the one hand, the west dock, on the other hand, the sports docks, the west dock and finally the commercial dock where you can perform many activities and is very touristy. You can use our ferry search engine to quickly find out the berth of your shipping company.

As information of interest, it is a port where very important regattas have been held, such as the King's Cup or the Princess Sofia Trophy.

Parking in the port of Mallorca (Palma):

If you do not want to travel with your car on this crossing and you want to leave it in a parking lot, you can look for information about the different parking lots that exist since there are public and paid parking lots and their rates depend on the type of vehicle to be parked. If you want to embark with your car, you can do it and enjoy the best price.

We recommend you to have a look at this link to know everything you can do in the port of Palma de Mallorca.

Traveling by car from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandía

If you are taking a ferry trip from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia with a vehicle, a caravan, a van, a motorcycle or your bicycle you can calculate how much it costs to embark your car on board the ferry according to its size.

Traveling with pet on ferry Mallorca (Palma) to Gandía

Before traveling to Valencia (Gandia) with your pet you should plan it in advance and inform yourself well about the pet transport policies of the different shipping companies.

Generally on trips to the Balearic Islands pets usually have an approximate price between 15 and 35 €, they can travel in a cage or carrier (if they weigh less than 8kg) or in cabins that allow pets. It is recommended to book the ticket in advance as places are limited.

There are several shipping companies that allow pets on board their ferries. We recommend that you check all the requirements and conditions required by each of them, as they may request the official animal identification document, the health vaccination card or that they must be muzzled and leashed.

Discounted ferry tickets from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandía

Where to buy a cheap ticket for the ferry from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia?

Clickferry is the N1 ferry search engine in Spain. On our website you will find the cheapest ferry tickets and you can buy ferry tickets from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandia in advance. Choose the best timetable at the best price and take advantage of the extra discounts and coupons active in our search engine.

If you want to make the most of your trip to Gandia we recommend you to have a look at this link

Boat tickets for residents of Mallorca (Palma) to Gandía

Residents of the Balearic Islands (Mallorca in this case), are entitled to enjoy a 75% discount on the general passenger fare as long as they meet the requirements of this type of discount is cumulative to others.

Ferry tickets for large family from Mallorca (Palma) to Gandía

You can benefit from the discount on ferry tickets for being a large family. This discount applies to both general and special large family, excluding vehicles and services.

The documentation to prove this situation is the official title of large family or individual document issued by the Autonomous Community concerned, must be in force and provide the national identity card or equivalent. If the passenger is under 14 years of age and does not have the document, the date of birth will be noted on the ticket.

Doubts about the choice of ferry?

At Clickfery, we make it easy for you! We offer you personal customer support and help you make your trip. Enter our FAQ section or contact us by Whatsapp in case of any doubts or request after checking them.