Information for the passenger

Information for the passenger

Clickferry informs the User about the general terms and conditions applicable to the transport services you acquire when buying a ferry ticket. Mentioned terms and conditions are different for each transport company, and can be read at their web sites through the following links:

Nevertheless we will offer the following information of general use to the passenger. In case of conflict between the information given by Clickferry and the one given by the company, the latter will prevail.

My ticket

The Clickferry ticket is personal and nontransferable.

Personal data, as well as the data of the vehicle mentioned on the ticket, necessarily must coincide with the data of the passenger and vehicle to board. If not, both passenger and vehicle can be denied boarding.

The holder of the ticket is covered by the “Seguro Obligatorio de Viajeros” (Compulsory Passenger Insurance); the company is not responsible for carelessness or violation of security measures by the passenger.

The passenger must keep his ticket so that it can be shown in case of complaints or claims.

Check in

Boarding tickets can only be issued once. Therefore we recommend you to issue them at least two days before departure of your journey. The user can issue his boarding ticket in the check­in section of this web site or directly at the check-in office on the departure day of the journey. Some transport companies do not accept boarding tickets issued online. It is therefore advised that the user checks the way the ticket should be presented by reading the user terms and conditions of the transport company.

Also, for trips crossing the Strait of Gibraltar boarding tickets cannot be obtained online. When travelling from the Port of Tarifa, boarding tickets can be obtains at the office of the company the passenger travels with, showing a printed purchase ticket. When travelling from the Port of Algeciras with Trasmediterránea or Balearia, the passenger can access the boarding area with a purchase ticket only. If travelling with any other transport company, one must first get a boarding ticket at the company’s ticket office.

In case of loss of the ticket, the passenger must contact the company he travels with. Clickferry does not accept any responsibility for loss of tickets.


It is important to respect the boarding schedule of the company the passenger travels with to guarantee a smooth and flawless boarding.

Only the driver of the vehicle, as well as any children who travel with him under his supervision, may board together with the vehicle. All other passengers must board using the passenger access gates. However when leaving the vessel at the port of destination, all passengers may leave together with the vehicle they travel with, however always being seated inside it, except if the crew of the vessel decides otherwise.

Any cars may not leave the vessel without a driver. Caravans and other trailers must always leave together with the vehicle that pulls or carries them.

Necessary travel documentation

Each passenger should always carry with him the documentation required by law: Passport, European identity card number or DNI (Spanish citizens). Only valid original documents are accepted. Please note that driving licenses are not accepted as travel documents, though passengers driving a vehicle must carry it with them.

Documentation to show in case of discounted tickets:

Spanish citizens: valid DNI in order to apply the discount. Though currently it is not compulsory to show a census certificate, it is recommended to bring one, just in case it were necessary for a quick boarding.

Foreign residents (citizens from EU member countries, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland): same rules as for Spanish citizens.

Non EU-member state citizens with right to discounts: the user should show the applicable documents. If the user is included in the database of the Administration, the SARA system will apply. If not, the user must show a Residence Certificate plus a valid identity document (NIE and valid passport).

Large families: To obtain a large family discount the following documents must be shown:

  • Valid Large Family Certificate (issued by the Spanish authorities) AND DNI (or passport, whatever applies) of each passenger.
  • Readable photocopy of this certificate mentioning its category, personal data of the family members on this certificate and expiry date.


The user must check the terms and conditions regarding luggage of the transport company of his choice. The company does not accept responsibility for jewels, money or other valuable objects which have not been previously given into custody to the captain of the vessel. It is strictly forbidden to carry arms, explosives, any other types of hazardous goods or merchandise proceeding from illicit business. Transport conditions of luggage may be different for each individual company. Therefore the user is advised to verify the transport conditions of the company he travels with.

Cancellation or modification of a booking

A booking can always be cancelled or modified if the conditions of the ticket allow the holder to do so and processing fees will apply. Apart from this, cancelling or modifying tickets and bookings by the passenger is subject to the general transport conditions of each company. In case of cancellation, the issue costs of the ticket are not refunded Nor any additional services contracted.

Cancellation insurance

This insurance allows the refund of the costs of the ticket if the journey cannot take place due to causes of force majeure included in the insurance. This insurance can be obtained online together with the booking of the journey.

Children and pregnant women

Children must travel accompanied by an adult y must hand over photocopies of a valid travel document (identity card, passport, whatever applies) and family booklet, as well as show the originals of these documents. If the accompanying person of the child is not a parent or legal tutor of his or hers, the child must carry a written authorization signed by one of his or her parents or legal tutors, together with a photocopy of his identity document.

Pregnant women may travel, however the transport company may require a doctor’s certifícate which allows her to travel after the 28th week of pregnancy.

Persons with reduced mobility and disabled persons

Persons with reduced mobility must inform the company about their condition at the moment of making the booking and, in the way it is possible, they must be accompanied by another person to assist them during the journey. In any case, both ground staff and staff on board will always do all that is in their power to guarantee a flawless and pleasant trip. Depending on the transport company, the moment of boarding may be before or after boarding of the other passengers. In the latter case, persons with reduced mobility and their personal assistants can wait in the boarding hall until the staff tells them to board. Once aboard, they will be shown the best, safest and most comfortable place for them to travel.


Pets must travel in specially equipped cages every boat has at its disposal for that purpose. The cages can be found on deck or in the hold of the vessel, however, they will always be in a well aired place protected from cold, rain and other adverse weather conditions. The passenger needs to take with him any animal certificates prescribed by the law applicable. Food and drink for the pets must be taken care of by their owners. Booking of journeys with pets must be made by telephone at number 91 005 2992. Pets have an additional cost depending on the journey they travel.

Cancellations or delays in departures and/or arrivals

If your ferry is delayed in its departure or arrival, or is cancelled, you can claim at the transport company. Clickferry is not responsible of such incidents, and it is the company operating the delayed or cancelled vessel that should respond to your claim.