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Ferry Formentera Denia

Formentera to Denia Ferries - Best Ferry Deals

If you are looking for how to travel to Alicante from the Balearic Islands, the ferry route from Formentera to Denia is the best option, due to its proximity to the Balearic Island.

This route is very popular, so we recommend you to buy your ferry ticket as early as possible to enjoy a better price and get your tickets before they sell out.

On Clickferry you can book at the best price guaranteed your boat trip from Formentera to Denia. In addition, you can check which days, schedules, prices and shipping companies you are interested in for this route, as well as alternatives. We check prices with all available ferry companies so that you do not have to do it and you can travel by ferry from Formentera to Denia with the lowest price.

The Formentera to Denia ferry route operates with 3 crossings daily and has a scheduled sailing duration from about 4 hours depending on the type of ferry. This route is operated exclusively by the shipping company Balearia. In high season there is availability of ferry routes with return on the same day.Enjoy the beautiful Denia, which besides being a beach destination, you can enjoy its marina, a castle that watches over the entire city or its traditional fishing district with its rich and extensive gastronomy.

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Formentera Denia Ferry Price

The average price of the ferry ticket from Formentera to Denia is 70 euros, this price may vary, as it depends on factors such as discounts applied or the type of season.With rate for residents of the Balearic Islands, the average price of the ticket is 48 euros.You can pre-book your return trip on our online ferry booking engine and ferry search engine to enjoy the best price on the ferry from Denia to Formentera.

Formentera to Denia Ferry Alternatives

There are alternative ferry routes from Formentera to Denia as is the ferry from Formentera to Barcelona, is a route that lasts approximately 11 hours, as an intermediate stop is made in Ibiza.

Formentera to Denia Ferry Timetable

There are 3 ferry crossings daily from Formentera to Denia. At Clickferry we want to offer you the security and confidence that you deserve by offering timetables and prices online so that you can book your Formentera to Denia ferry tickets in advance.

This is a very popular route, and therefore our recommendation is that you make your ferry booking from Formentera to Denia in time to secure your ticket and you can enjoy the best price.

In high season there is availability of ferry routes with return on the same day.

Ferries from Formentera to Denia may vary depending on the season, and information may change. Check our search engine for updated schedules for your trip and get all the latest information you need.

Popular ferry operators for the Formentera to Denia route

We offer you all the information about shipping companies, boat schedules, routes and ports on our website so you can travel by ferry with complete peace of mind. On this route the most popular shipping company is Balearia, which makes the route from Formentera to Denia.

How long does the boat from Formentera to Denia take?

The duration of the journey by fast ferry from Formentera to Denia is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes without a stopover in Ibiza or 4 hours in case of stopover in Ibiza. We travel only 113.75 km, due to the proximity of the ports. The route is operated by the shipping company Balearia.

In high season ferry routes are made with a duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes without transfer, when the duration is longer, transfer is made at the port of Ibiza.

Where do I take the Ferry in Formentera?

The entrance to the port of Formentera, called the port of La Savina, is located in the north of the island of Formentera. La Savina is the only port for arrivals and departures by boat from the island, where you will find your shipping company.

You can get there by public transport by bus or cab.

If you have a rental car, you may be able to return it at the port as several car rental companies have offices there, you can check with your rent a car.To arrive with your own vehicle, follow this link to get to the port of La Savina in Formentera with Google Maps, it is located in Poligon de la Marina, 10. 07870, Illes Baleares.

Parking at the port of Formentera:

If you want to leave your car in the short term, you can do it in the different ferry terminal areas, or you can also leave it in the long term in the enabled parking lots that are located next to the airport.

More information about the port of Formentera.

Traveling by car from Formentera to Denia

If you are traveling by ferry from Formentera to Denia with a car, motorcycle, bicycle, van or other vehicle, you can calculate how much it costs to board your car and the price of boarding your vehicle on board the ferry depending on its size.

Travel with pet on ferry Formentera to Denia

Before traveling to Denia with your pet, our recommendation is that you plan your trip in advance and consult all the necessary information. Generally on trips with the Balearic Islands pets usually have an approximate price between 15 and 35 €, they can travel in cage or carrier (if they weigh less than 8kg) or in cabins that allow pets. It is recommended to book the ticket in advance as places are limited.

There are different shipping companies that allow pets to travel on board their ferries or ships. We recommend consulting our customer service area for all the conditions and requirements demanded by each one of them, such as the health vaccination card, whether they must carry a carrier, the pet's official document, etc. In general, they must embark and disembark with a leash and muzzle and do so in the designated areas of the ship.

Formentera to Denia ferry tickets discounts

Where to buy a cheap ticket for the ferry from Formentera to Denia?

Clickferry is the number 1 ferry ticket search engine and ferry ticket comparator in Spain. On our website you can find cheap ferry tickets, take advantage of our offers and buy cheap ferry tickets from Formentera to Denia in advance. You can make the purchase online to enjoy the best price and choose the best schedules from our website, you can also enjoy discounts and coupons that apply in certain circumstances.

Boat tickets for residents of Formentera to Denia

Residents of Balearic Islands or Formentera benefit from 75% discount on the passenger fare, with the necessary documentation in force (ID card or certificate of residence in force). This discount does not apply to vehicles.

Ferry tickets for large family from Formentera to Denia

If you are a large family you can enjoy discounts on ferry tickets, applicable to both large family and special large family. This discount does not apply to services or vehicles, it is only applicable to persons.

The documentation required to enjoy this discount is the official title of large family or individual document issued by the corresponding Autonomous Community that must be in force and accompany the ID card or corresponding identification document. If the traveler is under 14 years of age and does not yet have a valid document, the date of birth must be noted.

Doubts about the choice of ferry?

At Clickfery, we make it easy for you! We offer you personal customer support and help you make your trip. Enter our FAQ section or contact us by Whatsapp in case of any doubts or request after checking them.