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Ferry Ceuta Algeciras

Best deals for Ceuta to Algeciras Ferries

If you need to travel from Ceuta to Algeciras, the ferry is the main form of transport and the cheapest. It is also very versatile, as there are more than 10 daily ferry departures to navigate the 40 km that separate Ceuta from Algeciras and there is also the possibility to travel by fast ferry with a travel time of approximately 1 hour.

As this is a very popular route, we recommend that you book your ferry tickets from Ceuta to Algeciras as far in advance as possible.

On Clickferry you can book your boat trip from Ceuta to Algeciras at the best price guaranteed. In addition, you can check which days, schedules, prices and ferry companies you are interested in to travel by ferry from Ceuta to Algeciras. We check prices with all available ferry companies so that you do not have to do it and you can travel by ferry from Ceuta to Algeciras with the lowest price.

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Ceuta Algeciras Ferry Price

The average price of the ferry from Ceuta to Algeciras is approximately 35 €, depending on the season we are in may vary by supply / demand.

The ferry fare from Ceuta to Algeciras varies depending on the applicable discounts, the type of seat and the choice of embarking or not a vehicle. You can book your Algeciras to Ceuta ferry crossing using our booking engine at the top of this page at the best price guaranteed for your dates.

Ceuta to Algeciras Ferry Alternatives

There are no direct alternative routes from Ceuta to Algeciras.

The closest ferry routes from Morocco are the Tangier Med ferry to Algeciras and the Tangier Ville ferry to Tarifa.

Ceuta to Algeciras Ferry Timetable

There are more than 10 daily weekday crossings on the Ceuta Algeciras ferry to make your journey easier, please note that timetables vary at weekends. In order to book your trip with total security consult our ferry search engine for available schedules for your dates and book online your ferry tickets Ceuta Algeciras at the best price.

As this is a very popular route, we recommend that you book your ferry tickets from Ceuta to Algeciras as far in advance as possible.

The first ferry usually leaves Ceuta at 7.00 am and arrives in Algeciras at 08:00 am. The last ferry from Ceuta to Algeciras usually departs at 22:30h in the evening on weekdays and 23:30h on weekends.

Please note that Ceuta to Algeciras ferry schedules may vary depending on the season. Check our search engine for updated schedules according to the date of your trip to get the latest information.

Popular ferry operators for the Ceuta - Algeciras ferry route

In the Strait Passage operate several shipping companies, specifically that perform the ferry route Ceuta Algeciras are Armas Trasmediterranea, Balearia and FRS.

How long does the boat from Ceuta to Algeciras take?

The duration of the ferry trip from Ceuta to Algeciras is approximately between 1h and 1h 30 min, where we travel by boat about 28 kilometers. This time depends on some factors such as the type of ferry (conventional or fast ferry) or the weather that accompanies us during the trip.

On this route there is Fast Ferry available between Ceuta and Algeciras, the approximate duration of the trip in these high speed vessels will be 1h.

Where do I take the ferry in Ceuta?

The Port of Ceuta is integrated in the city, it is a very important port, even in 2022 it was nominated together with Barcelona for the European Sea Ports Organisation Award for its strategic importance in the Europe-Africa connection and its large passenger traffic of approximately 2 million passengers per year.

The port is very close to the center of Ceuta. You can get there by taking a 15 minute walk with incredible views of the sea. The only way to get there is walking, by car or cab.

Parking at the port of Ceuta

There is parking in the port of Ceuta, you can also park in nearby areas as it is very close to the city center or in a nearby private parking as the Parking IC La Marina.

Travel by car or motorcycle from Ceuta to Algeciras

If you want to make a Ferry trip from Ceuta to Algeciras with a car, motorhome, van, motorcycle or even bicycle here you can calculate how much it costs to embark your vehicle on board the ferry depending on its size.

You can also navigate without a vehicle on board and rent a car in Algeciras or use public or private transport services.

Traveling with pet on ferry Ceuta to Algeciras

Many shipping companies allow the transport of pets on board their ships and ferries. It is very important that you check on the website of each shipping company what the requirements are, they may request the health vaccination card, official animal identification document, traveling in a carrier or if you travel with a dog, that it is always properly restrained with a muzzle and leash during boarding.

If you have any doubts, please contact our Clickferry customer service.

Ceuta to Algeciras ferry tickets discounts

Where to buy a cheap ticket for the Ceuta to Algeciras Ferry?

Clickferry is the N1 Ferry ticket comparator in Spain. In our search engine you can find the cheapest ferry tickets to make an advance purchase of Ceuta to Algeciras Ferry tickets online on our website to choose the best timetables at the best price. Here are some special situations where extra discounts are applied to the promotions and discount coupons that are already active in the search engine.

Discounts for residents of Algeciras on the Ceuta-Algeciras ferry

Residents of Ceuta are entitled to a 75% discount on the general fare, in addition, this fare is usually cumulative with other applicable discounts.

These discounts do not apply to vehicles or other services.

Large family ferry tickets Ceuta to Algeciras

You can get discounts on boat tickets for being a large family, discounts apply to both general and special large family. The offer is exclusively for people, excluding vehicles and services.

The documentation will be the Official Title of Large Family or Individual Document issued by the corresponding Autonomous Community, in force and the DNI or equivalent document. If you are under 14 years of age and do not have this document, the date of birth must be noted on the ticket.

Discounts for military residents in Algeciras on the Ceuta-Algeciras ferry.

There is generally a 50% discount on the purchase of ferry tickets by active military personnel, in training or reserve of the army traveling on behalf of the state or on their own account on regular lines in the National Territory.

These bonuses do not apply to tickets that allow their use by persons other than the beneficiary.

This rebate is usually compatible with the one to which the passenger is entitled as a resident, large family or any other case.

If you have any doubts, please contact our Clickferry customer service department.

Doubts about the choice of ferry?

At Clickfery, we make it easy for you! We offer you personal customer support and help you make your trip. Enter our FAQ section or contact us by Whatsapp in case of any doubts or request after checking them.