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If you need to travel by boat from Albania to southern Italy, the ferry route from Dürres to Bari is one of the most demanded routes.

Traveling by boat from Durres to Bari is a very interesting option especially if you are planning to travel to Bari with your car, van or motorcycle. This way you can carry more luggage if you need it and also get to know better the region of southern Italy with your vehicle.

This Durres to Bari ferry route connects Albania to Italy by ferry in approximately 8-9 hours depending on whether the ferry is a fast ferry or conventional ferry operated by Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV).

On Clickferry you can book your ferry trip from Albania to Italy at the best price guaranteed. You can also check which days, times, prices and ferry companies you are interested in to travel by ferry from Durres to Bari. We check prices with all available ferry companies so that you do not have to do it and you can travel by ferry from Durres to Bari at the lowest price.

Bari is located in southern Italy, approximately 300 km east of Rome. It is situated on the Adriatic coast, between the regions of Apulia and Calabria. This city is an eclectic mix of ancient and modern cultures, with a wide variety of tourist attractions for those who want to visit it. The city is one of the best destinations on the Adriatic coast, offering visitors fine sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

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Durres Bari Ferry Price

The average ferry price from Durres to Bari is approximately 55 €, depending on the season we are in it may vary due to supply/demand. You can book your ferry crossing from Bari to Durres using our booking engine at the top of this page at the best price guaranteed for your dates.

Durres to Bari Ferry Timetable

There is usually a daily ferry departure from Durres to Bari. In order to book your ferry trip safely check our ferry timetable for your dates and book your Durres to Bari ferry tickets online at the best price.

As this is a very popular route, we recommend that you book your Durres to Bari ferry tickets as far in advance as possible to get the best price and to avoid being sold out.

The first and last ferry usually departs Durres for Bari at 23.00h in the evening and arrives in Spain at 08.45h in the morning.

Please note that Durres to Bari ferry schedules may vary depending on the season. Check our search engine for updated schedules according to your travel date to get the most up to date information.

Popular ferry route from Durres to Bari

This ferry route between Albania and Italy is operated by Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV).

How long does the boat from Durres to Bari take?

The duration of the ferry trip from Durres to Bari is approximately 8-9 hours where we travel by boat about 217 kilometers. This time depends on some factors such as the weather that accompanies us during the trip or the type of boat, if it is conventional or fast ferry.

Where do I take the ferry in Durres?

The Port of Durrës is the largest port in Albania, with a ferry terminal that connects to Europe. Just follow the signs to find the Ferry Terminal building.

Travel by car or van from Durres to Bari

If you want to make a ferry trip from Durres to Bari with a car or van here you can calculate how much it costs to embark your vehicle on board the ferry depending on its size.

Also, if you travel with your car or van from Albania you can take with you on board everything you need to transport to Italy, this time the limits are set by your van or trunk of your car and not the transport you choose! Forget about luggage limitations and travel in total comfort.

You can also navigate without a vehicle on board and rent a car in Bari or use public or private transport services, from Bari there are many connections by train or bus to other cities, in addition to the airport.

Traveling with a pet by ferry from Durres to Bari

Many shipping companies allow the transport of pets on board their ships and ferries. It is very important that you consult with our customer service which are the requirements for transporting animals on this route, they may request the health vaccination card, official animal identification document, traveling in a carrier or if you are traveling with a dog, that it is always properly restrained with muzzle and leash during boarding.

We recommend that you consult directly with our customer service department.

Discounted ferry tickets from Durres to Bari

Where to buy a cheap ticket for the Durres to Bari Ferry?

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Doubts about the choice of ferry?

At Clickfery, we make it easy for you! We offer you personal customer support and help you make your trip. Enter our FAQ section or contact us by Whatsapp in case of any doubts or request after checking them.