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Cheap Ferry Tickets Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca)

Ferry Barcelona Ciudadela

The best offers for Ferries from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca)

If you are thinking of traveling from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca), the ferry is an excellent option that connects the Peninsula with the Balearic Islands. This route will be especially useful if you are planning to travel with your car or motorcycle on board. There are several weekly departures by ferry from Barcelona to Ciudadela, the duration ranges between 8h 45min and 3.30 hours, depending on the company and the type of boat (high speed or conventional).

On Clickferry you can book at the best price guaranteed your boat trip from Barcelona to Ciudadela. In addition, you can check which days, schedules, prices and ferry companies you are interested in to travel by ferry from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca). We do it for you, we check prices with all available ferry companies so you do not have to do it and you can travel by ferry from Barcelona to Ciudadela with the lowest price.

Ciudadela is the second most important urban center of Menorca, one of the most central points from where you can visit all its impressive coves. It is essential to visit its port when the night light bathes the boats, walk through the old town full of alleys, stores and restaurants to enjoy its gastronomy. You will be enraptured with the life of a city that has so much history.

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Ferry Price from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca)

The average price for the ferry from Barcelona to Ciudadela is approximately 48 euros, depending on the season we are in it may vary due to supply/demand. You can book a return ferry from Ciudadela to Barcelona using our booking engine at the top of this page at the best price guaranteed for your dates.

Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca) Ferry Alternatives

There is an alternative Ferry route from Barcelona Ferry Barcelona - Mahón (Menorca)

Ferry timetables from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca)

There are several daily crossings depending on the date of Ferry from Barcelona to Ciudadela that will facilitate your trip. In order to book your trip safely check in our search engine the available schedules for your dates and book online your ferry tickets at the best price.

The first ferry usually departs from the port of Barcelona at 16.30h and arrives in Ciudadela at 20.00h in the evening. The last ferry from Barcelona to Ciudadela usually departs at 21.45h in the evening.

Please note that ferry schedules from Barcelona to Ciudadela vary depending on the season. Check our search engine for updated schedules based on your travel date to get the most up to date information.

Popular ferry operators for the Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca) ferry route

We offer you all the necessary information about ships, routes and ports to travel by ferry. Between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands there are several ferry companies operating the ferry route from Barcelona to Ciudadela. The companies operating the crossing are Balearia and Grandi Navi Veloci.

How long does the boat from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca) take?

The duration of the ferry trip from Barcelona to Ciudadela is approximately 3h 30 minutes depending on whether the boat is conventional or fast ferry. We will travel by boat about 204 kilometers. This time will also depend on some factors such as the type of boat or the weather that accompanies us during the trip.

Where do I take the Ferry in Barcelona?

Port of Barcelona. Terminal Port-Nou, s/n (Exit 21 of the Ronda Litoral).

It has a free shuttle service so that people with reduced mobility can move easily within the port.

Each shipping company operates in one or more berths. In the process of purchasing your ferry ticket you will get the information of the berth of your shipping company. Check with our Clickferry customer service for any additional questions you may have before boarding. Also, on the port's website you will find more information about the departure terminals.

Travel by car or motorcycle from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca)

If you want to make a Ferry trip from Barcelona to Ciudadela with a car, caravan, van, bus, motorcycle or even bicycle here you can calculate how much it costs to embark your car on board the ferry depending on its size.

You can also navigate without a vehicle on board and rent a vehicle in the offices that you will find on your arrival at the Port of Ciudadela.

Traveling with a pet by ferry from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca)

Many shipping companies allow the transport of pets on board their ships and ferries. It is very important that you check on the website of each shipping company which are the requirements, they may request the health vaccination card, official animal identification document, traveling in a carrier or if you are traveling with a dog, that it is always properly restrained with muzzle and leash during boarding.

If you have any doubt, please contact our Clickferry customer service.

Discounted ferry tickets Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca)

Where to buy a cheap ticket for the Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca) Ferry?

Clickferry is the N1 Ferry ticket comparator in Spain. In our search engine you can find the cheapest ferry tickets to buy Ferry tickets from Barcelona to Ciudadela online on our website to choose the best timetables at the best price. Here are some special situations where extra discounts are applied to the promotions and discount coupons that are already active in the search engine.

Boat tickets for residents from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca)

Residents of the Balearic Islands are entitled to a 75% discount on the general fare, in addition, this fare is usually cumulative with other applicable discounts.

These discounts do not apply to vehicles or other services.

Ferry tickets for large family from Barcelona to Ciudadela (Menorca)

You can get discounts on boat tickets for being a large family, discounts apply to both general and special large family. The offer is exclusively for people, excluding vehicles and services.

The documentation will be the Official Title of Large Family or Individual Document issued by the corresponding Autonomous Community, in force and the ID card or equivalent document. If you are under 14 years of age and do not have this document, the date of birth must be noted on the ticket.

Discounts for military residents in the Balearic Islands

There is generally a 50% discount on the purchase of ferry tickets by active military personnel, in formation or reserve of the army of earth that travels on behalf of the state or by own account in the regular lines in the National Territory.

These bonuses do not apply to tickets that allow their use by persons other than the beneficiary.

This rebate is usually compatible with the one to which the passenger is entitled as a resident, large family or any other case.

If you have any questions, please contact our Clickferry customer service department.

Doubts about the choice of ferry?

At Clickfery, we make it easy for you! We offer you personal customer support and help you make your trip. Enter our FAQ section or contact us by Whatsapp in case of any doubts or request after checking them.