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Ferry Piombino Pianosa

Best offers for Piombino to Pianosa Ferries

If you are travelling to Pianosa from Piombino, the Piombino to Pianosa ferry route is one of the best routes to take for your ferry trip.

The Piombino to Pianosa ferry crossing takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes to sail from Piombino to Pianosa. This route is operated by Toremar ferry company.

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Pianosa is an Italian island located in the Tuscan archipelago. The island offers amazing beaches such as Playa di Cala di Gabbiano and Playa di Cala Violina. There are also a lot of trails to enjoy nature, such as the Torre dei Cinque trail. If you like history, Pianosa also offers some interesting places to visit, such as the Fortress of Pianosa, the Faro di Pianosa, and the Villa di Campo.

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Piombino Pianosa ferry price

The average price for the ferry from Piombino to Pianosa is approximately 35 euros. The price may change depending on the type of season we are in.

Book the boat back to Piombino through our booking engine to get the best market price for the ferry route Pianosa to Piombino .

Piombino to Pianosa Ferry Alternatives

There is the ferry route Piombino - Portoferraio operated by the shipping companies Corsica Ferries, Moby or Toremar covering a distance by ferry of about 23 kilometers and a duration of 45 minutes.

There is the ferry route Rio Marina - Pianosa operated by the shipping company Toremar covering a distance by ferry of about 37 kilometers and a duration of 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Piombino to Pianosa Ferry Timetable

There is up to 1 ferry crossing per week from Piombino to Pianosa with the ferry company Toremar.

Discover the convenience of sailing by ferry from Piombino to Pianosa with our booking system. You can check schedules, fares and ports, for a hassle-free and safe adventure. Buy your ticket in advance to make the most of your ferry trip from Piombino to Pianosa.

Popular ferry operators for the Piombino to Pianosa ferry route

At Clickferry we offer all the information about ferries, fares, routes, schedules and ports so you can organize your trip by sea safely and comfortably. The ferry route from Piombino to Pianosa is operated by the shipping company Toremar .

We recommend that you purchase your ferry ticket from Piombino to Pianosa well in advance to get a good price on ferry tickets. This is a very popular route, we recommend you not to wait too long to buy your ticket.

Please note that ferry timetables from Piombino to Pianosa may vary depending on the season. You can get updated information by consulting our search engine. Our booking website offers the latest information on ferry schedules and fares.

How long does the boat from Piombino to Pianosa take?

The duration of the ferry route from Piombino to Pianosa is 2 hours and 30 minutes, with a distance traveled of approximately 52.59 kilometers.

The time on board depends on the weather and the type of boat.

Where to take the ferry in Piombino?

The Port of Piombino is located in Piazzale Premuda, 57025 Piombino LI, Italy.

You can access Google Maps at this link

The port of Piombino is on the coast of the Tuscan region of Italy, in the province of Livorno. It is a commercial, tourist and recreational port, and has various services available to boats, from liquid storage to catering services. There is a mooring area for ships.

The port of Piombino also has a variety of transportation options, from buses and cabs to ferries and trains. Enjoy recreational activities, from water sports to sightseeing excursions.

Parking at Piombino Ferry Port:

Different parking options are available at Piombino Port for residents and visitors. Residents can park in the residents' parking area, which is located next to the main dock. Visitors can park in the old fishing harbor, on the loading dock and at the north end of the harbor. Parking fees depend on parking time and type of vehicle.

Travel by car from Piombino to Pianosa

If you are planning a ferry trip from Piombino to Pianosa with a vehicle, such as a van, bicycle, motorcycle or caravan, it is important to take into account the cost of boarding your vehicle. The price will vary according to its size and type, you can calculate the price of boarding your car on board the ferry. You can plan your trip well in advance and ensure that you will have the best travel experience.

Travel with pet on ferry Piombino to Pianosa

To ensure a safe and uneventful journey for your pet on a ferry from Piombino to Pianosa with Toremar, we recommend you consult directly with our customer service about the pet transport policies for your ferry route to Pianosa.

Discounted ferry tickets Piombino to Pianosa

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Piombino to Pianosa Large Family Ferry Tickets

If you are a large family or special family, you can take advantage and travel at a reduced price for the boat route from Piombino to Pianosa. You must present your valid documentation when purchasing tickets to get the discount. It is also important to remember that the number of discounted tickets is limited and that vehicles and services are not included. Do not miss this opportunity and enjoy a boat trip with a special discount.

Doubts about the choice of ferry?

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