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Illustrative image of ferry destination Algeria

Algeria is situated in central Maghreb in North Africa. Its coasts extend over the Mediterranean between Tunisia and Morocco and its ocean depths afford colourful, dynamic images, privileged locations for diving lovers.

Between the sea and mountains, Algeria provides an array of sporting and leisure activities for visitors. The desert dunes and oases are the most visited places, along with other tourist destinations such as: the Ruins of Djemila, Tassili N’Ajjer, the Berber cities, the major mosques, the Casbah of Algiers and the Ruins of Tipasa and Timgad.

Travel by ferry and enjoy enigmatic cities like Oran and Ghazaouet, where you will be greeted by street markets and open-air shops with fascinating articles. offers you the simplest, cheapest way of travelling through the desert, climbing mountains, practising water sports and a fascinating culture waiting to be discovered.

Illustrative image of ferry destination Algeria