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The Port of Genoa

Travel by ferry to Genoa, a city located in northern Italy on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Genoa is built around its port. The first image we will see of the city from any direction is the Lighthouse Tower, better known as the Lanterna. With its 76 meters high, it was built for military purposes and is undoubtedly the most identifying symbol of the city.

Discover Genoa by ferry and visit its fascinating historic center, which combines medieval architecture with Baroque and Cinquecento buildings. Walking through its streets and squares you will find monuments and buildings of great interest such as the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Palazzo Ducale, the House of Christopher Columbus or Ferrari Square.

In the Estrade Nuove district, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006, are the palaces of the "Rolli", which are impressive for their architectural beauty and the value of the materials used in their construction. These include Palazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria Tursi, which together form a museum complex of extraordinary interest. The city's aquarium, one of the largest in Europe, is also worth a visit.

Departure information

The port of Genoa is the most important port in Italy and the second largest in the Mediterranean. It has an annual capacity of 4 million ferry passengers, 1.5 million cars and 250,000 trucks.

The maritime station is one of the most technologically advanced terminals and has facilities designed to ensure rapid embarkation and disembarkation of state-of-the-art vessels carrying thousands of passengers.

The port of Genoa, located in one of the most strategic points in Italy, has connections with Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia.

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