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If you are going to travel to Genoa, the ferry to Genoa is a very good option to carry out your trip between an Island and the mainland or between Islands.

The ferry companies operating these routes are GNV, Moby Lines and Tirrenia.

On Clickferry you can get the best fares and schedules for ferry trips to Genoa. In our search engine we provide you with cheap fares and all the relevant information about departure and arrival ports, schedules, prices and routes. Get the best fares for your ferry tickets to Genoa thanks to our promotions, offers and coupons found in our search engine.

Genoa is located on the Italian coast. Visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo,. The Royal Palace of Genoa, the Museum of Art and Culture of Genoa, the Promenade of the English or the Aquarium of Genoa. Finally, do not forget to visit the famous Genoa Bay Bridge.

There are ferry routes to Genoa:

Departures from Spain

Barcelona - Genoa

Departures from Sardinia

Arbatax - Genoa, Olbia - Genoa, Porto Torres (Sardinia) - Genoa

Departures from Corsica

Bastia - Genoa

Departures from Sicily

Palermo - Genoa

Departures from Tunisia

Tunis - Genoa

Departures from Morocco

Tangier Med - Genoa.


Cheapest ferry price to Genoa

The average price of the ferry to Genoa is approximately 75 euros. The price may change due to the type of season we are in. You have the option to book the return using our booking engine at the best price guaranteed for your dates.

Ferry schedules to Menorca

At Clickferry we provide you with all the information of interest about ferries, fares, routes, schedules and ports so you can organize and make your ferry trip safely and comfortably.

Our recommendation is that you purchase your ferry ticket to Genoa in advance to enjoy the best price on ferry tickets. It is a destination with high demand and we recommend that you purchase your ferry ticket to Genoa well in advance.

Ferry timetables to Genoa may change depending on the season and information may also change. You have the option to check our booking engine for all the latest information.

Popular ferry operators for the route by ferry to Genoa

We offer you all the information about ferries, routes and ports to travel by ferry. Between the mainland and the island operate the following companies:s, GNV, Moby Lines and Tirrenia.

What are the ferries that travel to Genoa?

Ferries to Genoa depart from Sardinia, Spain, Corsica, Sicily, Tunisia and Morocco.

How long does the ferry to Genoa take?

Depending on the port of origin, the duration of your ferry trip may be:

Departures from Spain

Barcelona - Genoa: 20 hours 45 minutes

Departures from Sardinia

Olbia - Genoa: 10 hours

Porto Torres (Sardinia) - Genoa: 13 hours 45 minutes

Departures from Corsica

Bastia - Genoa: 19 days 10 hours

Departures from Sicily

Palermo - Genoa: 21 hours 45 minutes

Departures from Tunisia

Tunis - Genoa: 1 day 1 hour 30 minutes

Departures from Morocco

Tangier Med - Genoa: 2 days 8 hours 45 minutes

This time will also depend on some factors such as the type of boat (traditional or fast ferry) or the weather that accompanies us during the journey.

Ferry Ports in Genoa

Port of Genoa

The Port of Genoa, located on the Ligurian Sea, has been a major source of international trade throughout history. It is the second largest port in Italy and the fourth largest in Europe.

Today, the port of Genoa has become one of the main trading ports in the region. It is a port of great importance for international trade, especially for container shipping. It is also an important passenger port and offers a wide variety of services, from leisure shipping to cruise ships. The port of Genoa will continue to be an important commercial center for Italy and Europe.

Travel by car to Genoa

If you want to travel by ferry to Genoa with your vehicle, van, bicycle, motorcycle, caravan or any other car, our recommendation is to request information about the available parking spaces in Genoa, as prices may vary for each vehicle. Prices may vary according to the size and type of car to be shipped. You have the possibility to calculate the rates in advance and enjoy the best price on your ferry trip to Genoa.

Traveling with pet by ferry to Genoa

Our recommendation is that you request information in advance about the necessary documentation for the transport of your pet before making the ferry trip to Genoa.

Our customer service team will assist you with all the information about the documentation for your ferry trip to Genoa with the shipping company with which you make your ferry trip.

Discounted ferry tickets to Genoa

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