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Port of Savona

Port Savona

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The port of Savona

The port of Savona is the departure point for ferries from Italy to Spain and Morocco. It is located next to the city center and together with the port of Genoa is one of the most important in the Mediterranean Sea.

The city of Savona is the Italian capital of Liguria and is only 45 kilometers from Genoa. Of tourist interest Savona has: Torre Piazza Leon Pancaldo, Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Pinacoteca Civica and its good quality beaches.

From Savona ferry port you can connect Italy with Spain on the Savona Barcelona ferry route. Check now all the ferry timetables in our search engine and always buy the cheapest price to travel by ferry from Savona.

Departure Information

The port of Savona is located 45 kilometers from Genoa. It is a modern and up to date maritime station from which all ferries depart to Spain. The port of Savona has regular connections with the port of Barcelona. It has a lively nightlife and among its facilities you can enjoy restaurants and pleasant terraces for sightseeing.

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