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Port of Patras

Port Patras

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The port of Patras

Patras is the third most populated city in Greece and is located in the Peloponnese region. Named in 2006 as the capital of European Culture, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece and its port is of great importance for the country and for Europe as it has an important economic activity.

Patras is divided into two areas, the old city full of streets that speak of mythology and history and the more modern part of the city, destined for leisure and nightlife. A stroll through its cobblestone streets will reveal grand, colorful neoclassical mansions and fascinating buildings that bear witness to a glorious past. On the ruins of the ancient Acropolis you can visit the Medieval Castle, from where you will get one of the best views of Patras. The Church of St. Andrew, the Municipal Theater or the Archaeological Museum are also points of interest in the city.

Patras opens the doors to the Peloponnese region, a mythological land with important archaeological sites. You should not miss a visit to Ancient Corinth with its temple dedicated to Apollo from the 6th century BC, the Corinth Canal and cities such as Mycenae, Argos, Tirynthus or Nauplius.

In Greece every landscape, every corner, floods the traveler with sensations that speak of mythology, classical art and past eras full of splendor. is the best option to travel to Greece. Our comparator will provide you with the best prices and all the options to get to Patras.

Departure Information

The port of Patras is located on the coast of the Ionian Sea and has an important economic activity, both mercantile and passenger. It is one of the main ports of Greece and Europe as it is the direct connection of this country with Italy and the rest of Europe.

From this port we find the route that links Greece with Italy through the Patras Brindisi route.

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