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Port of Naples

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Molo Immacolatella Vecchia, Napoli NA, Italia Molo Immacolatella Vecchia, Napoli NA, Italia

Information from the Port of Naples

The port of Naples
Travel by ferry to Naples, a city located in southern Italy between Mount Vesuvius and the volcanic area of the Flegreous Fields. Naples is one of the oldest cities in Europe, whose contemporary urban structure preserves the elements of its long and turbulent history. Its urban model, its richness in terms of historical buildings from many periods and its location in the bay of Naples give it an extraordinary universal value without equal. Its historical, cultural and artistic richness makes it one of the most attractive cities to visit. The historic centre of Naples was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995.

The main monuments of Naples are: the Royal Palace, Castel Nuovo, Umberto I Gallery, Duomo and Piazza del Gesù, as well as the National Archaeological Museum, with an important collection of Greco-Roman art and the Gallery of Capodimonte, painting.
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The port of Naples
is one of the largest ports in Italy and one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean in terms of both passenger traffic and commercial activity. the port of Naples is located in the centre of Naples, very close to the centre of Piazza Municipio, close to Piazza Garibaldi and about 15 km from Naples airport.