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Port of Mostaganem

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Ferry Mostaganem - Valencia

Ferry Mostaganem - Valencia

How to get to the Port of Mostaganem?

27000، Mostaganem 27000, Argelia 27000، Mostaganem 27000, Argelia

Information from the Port of Mostaganem

The port of Mostaganem

Mostaganem is an important coastal city in the north of Algeria, offering connections with Spain via the Mostaganem - Valencia sea route.

It is located in the Mediterranean Gulf of Arzew, a major historical exporter of agricultural products (cereals, vines and citrus fruits). The city has French, Spanish and Arab influences that make it a city of contrasts and lively character. It is also divided by a tributary of the river Aïn Sefra, with the modern city to the southwest, and the ancient Muslim city, Tidgit, to the northeast.

The coastal area near Mostaganem has virgin sandy beaches with a very pleasant Mediterranean climate.