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Port of Gibraltar

Weather forecast at the port of Gibraltar for the next 3 days

Ferry Gibraltar - Tanger Med

Ferry Gibraltar - Tanger Med

How to get to the Port of Gibraltar?

Port Office, N Mole Rd, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar Port Office, N Mole Rd, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

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Port Information Gibraltar

Gibraltar is an overseas territory belonging to the United Kingdom and situated at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. This small English territory is home to a respectful mix of cultures, religious tolerance, a range of languages and varied customs. The visitor will be able to contemplate from a single point, the Superior Station of El Peñón, 2 continents, 3 countries (Spain, Morocco and United Kingdom) and the union of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This station can be reached by cable car, one of Gibraltar's greatest attractions and on top of which you can see the famous monkeys up close.

On the way back you have to stop at the Monkeys' Den and the Cave of San Miguel, a cave where we can admire the Cathedral Hall, so called because the mineral formations that can be seen on its walls resemble the pipes of a cathedral organ, in addition to the beautiful views and geological enigmas of El Peñón, Gibraltar is a point of attraction for the purchase of electronics, fashion, perfume, etc.. offers the easiest and cheapest way to travel to Gibraltar by ferry.

Departure information

The port of Gibraltar, where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet, is situated off the coast of Africa and has frequent routes with the port of Tangier Med.