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Port of Brindisi

How to get to the Port of Brindisi?

Contrada costa morena, 39, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italia Contrada costa morena, 39, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italia

Information from the Port of Brindisi

The port of Brindisi offers you the possibility to travel to Brindisi by ferry. Find the best routes, all timetables and the lowest prices to reach the port of Brindisi. The city lies on the Adriatic coast of southern Italy, between two small bays linked by a narrow, deep canal. Two castles overlook this canal, the Red Castle named for the color of the stone with which it was built and the Suevo Castle which overlooks the western canal and hosts important cultural events.
 Also noteworthy is the church of St. John in the Sepulchre, with a fascinating marble portico and the Roman Column, a time flanked by a "twin" that today constitutes the structure of the famous column of St. Oronzo of Lecce.
About 40 kilometres from Brindisi you will find the beautiful Osturi, a picturesque town with labyrinthine and white alleys, courtyards, low houses and narrow passages, a beautiful picture dominated by the majestic cathedral.
Visit the archaeological site of Egnazia with Roman remains and settlements from earlier times, the town of Cisternino with important buildings from medieval and Renaissance times, as well as not to miss the ancient fortified villages such as the Castle of Oria.
Brindisi opens its doors to a coast of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. 
The Oasis of Torre Guaceto is an ideal natural reserve to admire the beauty of the seabed through the practice of diving or other sports such as hiking, cycling routes, etc.
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The port of Brindisi
has been an important commercial and passenger centre since ancient times. Located on the Adriatic coast of southern Italy, it has regular connections with the Greek ports of Patras, Igoumenitsa and Corfu.