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Port of Bari

Weather forecast at the port of Bari for the next 3 days

Ferry Bari - Durrës

Ferry Bari - Durrës

How to get to the Port of Bari?

Molo S. Vito, 70123 Bari BA, Italia Molo S. Vito, 70123 Bari BA, Italia

Information from the Port of Bari

The port of Bari

Bari is the capital of the region of the same name and is located in the area of Apulia, on the east coast of Italy. due to its geolocation, is an important point of maritime transit both commercial and passenger. It offers connections with the Middle East and the Balkan countries.

There are two ports in the city: The Old Port, used for small boats and fishing boats and, on the other hand, the New Port from which passenger ferries depart, among the services of the port area are several shops and cafes, as well as different parking options if you want to leave your vehicle in the port before embarking.

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