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Ferry Tenerife (Santa Cruz) - Huelva

The Santa Cruz - Huelva ferry connects the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands with the south of the Peninsula in Huelva.

The shipping company responsible for carrying out this route is Fred Olsen Express thanks to an agreement signed in 2018 with Balearia to offer connections to the Canary Islands from Huelva jointly.

Being a long journey, approximately 44 hours on board, you can enjoy comfortable cabins to make your trip a pleasant experience. In addition, you will find many services on board such as restaurants, coffee shops, shops, wifi, children's area, outdoor areas, and swimming pools among others, to make your journey much more comfortable and entertaining.

If on arrival in Huelva, you need to travel from the port to the bus station, now you can do it in the shuttle buses that the shipping company makes available to travelers free of charge. The departure time is subject to the arrival time of the ferry, but the departure usually takes place around 8 a.m.

How long does the ferry take Tenerife (Santa Cruz) - Huelva?

808.54 mi
1d 14h 30m

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