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Port of Tunis

How to get to the Port of Tunis?

Gare Port La Goulette - Sud , محطة ميناء حلق الوادي الجنوب Gare Port La Goulette - Sud , محطة ميناء حلق الوادي الجنوب

Information from the Port of Tunis

The port of Tunis
Enjoy the city of Tunis travelling by ferry. The easiest and cheapest way to get to Tunis, the capital to the east of the country with the same name. A city with a long historical tradition, it has an important Punic, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic heritage. Its old town, the medina, hides great charms and mysteries.

Discover at every step mosques, palaces, mausoleums and buildings that show the passage of different peoples throughout their history. Walk through the souks of perfumers, draperies and jewellers, where you will find thousands of unique items of extraordinary beauty for the senses.

Tunisia preserves important archaeological sites, so do not miss the visit to the ancient city of Carthage, the ruins of Dougga which are the best preserved in Tunisia, the Bardo Museum which contains one of the best collections of Roman mosaics or the Roman amphitheater coliseum of El Jem. Its coast, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, has wonderful beaches where you can enjoy the fantastic climate or practice all kinds of sports. Travel with to Tunisia, a city open to the world that offers visitors a wide range of cultural, sports and leisure. 
Departure information
The port of Tunis is located a few kilometres from the city centre and is well connected by the Tunisian suburban railway network. It has a long tradition and beauty, so the port is not only a place of entry or exit, but a place of great interest to the visitor. From the port of Tunis you will find ferry routes to travel to the Italian ports of Civitavecchia, Palermo, Salerno and Trapani.