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Find all ferries to Caen, France. Select your departure date and the Clickferry comparator will provide you with all the schedules and the best prices to travel to Caen.

The city of Caen is located on the northwest coast of France and is the capital of the region of Basse-Normandie. It has a number of important historical buildings among which are the Abbey of Men where the Town Hall is currently located and in whose church of St. Stephen are the remains of William the Conqueror; the Abbey of the Ladiesof Norman Romanesque style and which highlights the cloister, the grand staircase and the crypt; the Ducal Castle built in the eleventh century by William the Conqueror, is one of the largest fortified enclosures in Europe and currently houses the Museum of Normandy, the Museum of Fine Arts and its exhibitions.

Caen offers the visitor multiple restaurants where you can taste delicious cheeses and typical drinks of the region. In addition, many of these and other products can be purchased in the street markets that make Caen a bustling and lively city.

Departure information

The port of Caen, off the coast of the British Isle, is connected by ferry to the English port of Portsmouth and the trip takes approximately 6 hours.

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