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Ferry Tanger Med - Motril

The Tanger Med - Motril ferry route is no longer operational and only works by transporting commercial cargo.

If you want to travel from Tangier Med to the peninsula, you can consult the alternative route Tanger Med - Algeciras

How long does the ferry take Tanger Med - Motril?

126.51 mi
Not Available

Shipping companies that operate on the route Tanger Med - Motril

Port of Tanger Med

Tangier Med Port Travel by ferry to Tangier, a charming city in North Africa that offers many possibilities for the traveller. A city where you can visit souks and medinas with an exotic atmosphere and where you can find countless..

Port of Motril

The port of Motril Buy your ferry ticket to Motril in the cheapest and safest way. offers you the best prices, all timetables and all routes. Motril is located on the Mediterranean coast of Andalusia in the province..

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