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Ferry Oran - Almeria

The Oran - Almeria ferry is one of the connections by ferry that Algeria has with Spain.

This route is operated by one of the best known maritime companies: Trasmediterranea. The duration of the crossing is approximately 8 hours. Besides, you can enjoy numerous services on board as well as exclusive offers.

Choose the ferry and the schedule that best suits your needs and book on our website simply and quickly. Also, we offer exclusive offers to make your trip Oran - Almeria as economical as possible.

How long does the ferry take Oran - Almeria?

128.14 mi
Not Available

Shipping companies that operate on the route Oran - Almeria

Port of Oran

Oran Ferry Port At you will find the best prices for travelling to Oran by ferry. Oran is located on the Mediterranean coast in northwest Algeria, 400 km from the capital, Algiers. A commercial city with a citadel a..

Port of Almeria

The port of Almeria Book your ferry ticket now to travel to Almeria. The cheapest, simplest way to discover the Andalusian province that naturally combines a desert from the films with unspoilt beaches. Located in the southeast of..

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