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Ferry Nice - Ile-Rousse

The ferry Nice – Ile Rousse links the city of Nice with Ile Rousse, a population of France in the region of Corsica.

The Corsica Ferries company is in charge of this route. On board of this company, you will enjoy numerous privileges and advantages. You are allowed to travel with your pet and board your vehicle.

Find on our website the requirements you must meet in case you want to travel with animals or vehicles. In addition, we will inform you of all available departures of your ferry Nice – Ile Rousse ferry.

Don’t wait any longer to book your ticket and take advantage of the numerous offers.

How long does the ferry take Nice - Ile-Rousse?

110.46 mi
7h 0m

Shipping companies that operate on the route Nice - Ile-Rousse

Port of Nice

Nice is a city that belongs to the region of France and is located in the maritime Alps, in Provence-Alps-Côte d'Azur.It is one of the most touristic areas due to the numerous connections and routes that are made, being so close t..

Port of Ile-Rousse

L'Île Rousse is a commune belonging to the region of France, in particular to the department of Haute Corsica.This territory was founded in 1758 by Pasquale Paoli whose objective was the creation of a port that was not under the d..

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