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Ferry Livorno - Porto-Vecchio

Occasional line
To travel from Italy to Corsica, also consult the Genoa Bastia, Savona Bastia and Livorno Bastia routes.

How long does the ferry take Livorno - Porto-Vecchio?

144.13 mi
Not Available

Shipping companies that operate on the route Livorno - Porto-Vecchio

Port of Livorno

The port of Livorno Livorno is the gateway to Tuscany and one of the most beautiful and touristic areas of Italy.a few kilometres from the port, you will find the city of Pisa with its famous leaning tower and majestic Florence.fu..

Port of Porto-Vecchio

Porto Vecchio is a town located in the region of France, specifically in the department known by the name of South Corsica.Before leaving Porto Vecchio, you must visit amazing places such as: the natural springs of the Cau valley,..

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