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Ferry Formentera - Ibiza

The Formentera - Ibiza ferry connects the two Balearic Islands very quickly.

The maritime companies which are responsible of this route are: Balearia, Trasmapi, Mediterranea Pitiusa and Aquabus and many departures are made daily, at intervals of half an hour in high season during the central hours of the day. The duration of the journey is really short as you will reach your destination in just 25 minutes with the fastest ferries (Mediterranea Pitiusa) or in 1 hour with conventional ferries. In addition, you won’t have to worry about a restricted schedule because there are numerous departures every day.

If you don’t have clear about your travel schedules, you can buy if you prefer an OPEN ticket on our website.

How long does the ferry take Formentera - Ibiza?

12.2 mi
1h 0m

Shipping companies that operate on the route Formentera - Ibiza

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