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Ferry Catania Malta

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If you are traveling to Malta from Catania, the ferry route from Catania to Malta is one of the best routes to take for your ferry trip.

This Catania to Malta ferry route takes approximately 7 hours to sail. This ferry route is operated by Grimaldi Lines.

This route is currently not operated by ferries.

On Clickferry you will find the best fares and schedules for ferry crossings from Catania to Malta. In our booking engine you will find a cheap price for your ferry tickets, in addition we offer all the relevant information about departure and arrival ports, schedules, fares and routes. Take advantage of the best prices on ferry tickets from Catania to Malta thanks to our offers and promotions found in our search engine.

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean, visit the Valletta, the capital of Malta, is a historic city with its own architecture and a lot of places to explore. It is full of churches, museums and monuments worth visiting. There are several castles in Malta, such as St. Charles Castle, St. Angelo's Castle and St. Elmo's Castle. Some of the best beaches include Ghadira Bay, Golden Bay, St. Paul's Bay and Marsascala.

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Catania Malta Ferry Price

The average price of the ferry Catania to Malta is approximately 30 euros. The price may vary depending on factors such as the type of season you are in.

Book the boat back to Catania through our booking engine to get the best market price on the ferry route Malta to Catania .

Catania to Malta Ferry Timetable

There is up to 1 ferry crossing per week from Catania to Malta with the ferry company Grimaldi Lines.

Buy your tickets for your ferry trip from Catania to Malta through our booking engine, check timetables, prices and all the information about ports and routes for your ferry trip. Choose your ticket and make the most of your ferry trip from Catania to Malta.

Popular ferry operators for the Catania to Malta ferry route

At Clickferry we provide you with relevant information about ferries, prices, routes, schedules and ports for you to plan your ferry trip safely and comfortably. The ferry route from Catania to Malta is operated by the ferry company, Grimaldi Lines.

We recommend that you purchase your Catania to Malta ferry ticket in advance to get the best price on ferry tickets. This is a route with high demand, we recommend that you purchase your Catania to Malta ferry ticket well in advance.

Ferry timetables from Catania to Malta may vary depending on the season. You can check all the updated information in our search engine.

How long does the boat from Catania to Malta take?

The duration of the ferry trip from Catania to Malta is 7 hours, with a distance of 186.33 kilometers.

The duration of the ferry trip depends on factors such as the weather that accompanies us during the journey and the type of boat.

Where do I take the ferry in Catania?

The address of the Port of Catania is Molo Crispi, 95100 Catania CT, Italy.

Access Catania with Google Maps through the following link: https: //

The port of Catania is located on the east coast of the island of Sicily, it has become an important port of call for cruise ships, cargo ships and fishing boats.

The port has a wide variety of facilities, including a mooring area for large ships, an area specially designed for cruise ships... In addition, the port offers several services, such as shipping, land transport or boat rental.

Parking at the port of Catania:

If you do not want to embark your car or vehicle on the journey from Catania to Malta by ferry, you can park it in one of the parking lots in the area. In Catania there are different types of parking, please note that prices vary depending on the type of vehicle.

Travel by car from Catania to Malta

If you want to travel by ferry from Catania to Malta with your car, van, caravan, motorcycle or even bicycle, we recommend that you request information in advance, as there are different rates for each vehicle. The rates depend on factors such as the size and type of vehicle you want to embark. It is important that you calculate the price in advance to make the most of your ferry trip from Catania to Malta.

Traveling with pet on ferry Catania to Malta

We recommend that you consult directly with our customer service team regarding the animal transport policies for your ferry route from Catania to Malta.

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Discount Catania to Malta Ferry Tickets

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