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Our online ferry ticket sales website has increased its sales by 25% in the last 6 months. Such a significant increase is primarily down to the change of technology in its web development, to which HTML5 programming has been incorporated, affording ease of browsing and accessibility for users. The new search engine gives real-time comparison of all the options and the best prices of the main shipping lines, always offering the customer the best offers and all available timetables. On Clickferry’s website you will always find the best prices. In addition, Clickferry.com’s purchase system enables you to travel using all available discounts for large families, residents, etc.

The second reason for this significant increase in sales is the confidence and buying security that the website offers: a fast and easy payment system, purchase guarantee, travel and cancellation insurance, refund system, etc.

Further to these services, our new website incorporates all information travellers might need, locations and practical information on ports, details of the various destinations, all shipping lines and much more.

Current predictions for the company involve annual growth of over 50%, also continuing with the policy of incorporating the latest advances in web development.

Reserva tu hotel con un 12% de descuento directo

Reserva tu hotel con un 12% de descuento directo

Si reservas tu ferry con nosotros, te premiamos con un 12% de descuento directo en más de 50.000 hoteles.

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