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ClickDescuento. We reward your confidence!

Image of ClickDescuento. We reward your confidence!

What is ClickDiscount?

ClickDiscount is a way to thank our customers for the trust placed in Clickferry. For this reason, with each purchase over 100€, we will give you a discount coupon of up to 5€ that you can use in your next booking with ClickFerry.


How can I get my ClickDiscount discount coupon?

With each purchase over 100€, you make with us, you will get a discount code. You will find it in the confirmation email, and the discount will vary depending on the amount of the purchase.

- For every 100€ purchase, 1€ discount for your next purchase at Clickferry

- Every 200€ purchase, 2€ discount

- Every 300€ purchase, 3€ discount

- Every 400€ purchase, 4€ discount

- Amounts over 500€ in purchases, 5€ discount.


How can I use the discount coupon for my next purchase?

You must insert the corresponding code, in the form enabled on the personal data page. Once we verify that the code is correct and has not expired, the discount will be applied.

Please note that the code is single-use and may only be exchanged for purchases for an amount equal to or greater than 50€.

Discount coupons are not cumulative, and only one of them can be used for each purchase made.